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SEA Group keeps current with modern technology and survey instruments.   The high precision Global Positioning System (GPS) utilizes American and GLONASS satellites to provide the best accuracies possible.   Together with robotic total stations and conventional survey equipment, the survey crews can provide control points relative to paper and digital site plans.   These points can be utilized by equipment operators to situate machinery with onboard GPS units.

SEA Group has dedicated survey crews available to provide accurate and strategic points for your construction project.   The crews can mobilize and be available within a few hours to assist in crucial situations.

SEA Groupís party chiefs have many years of construction experience and can effectively communicate with Design Engineers, Project Mangers, Superintendents and Operators.

  • Rough & Final Stakes

  • Elevations Points

  • Grade Stakes

  • Major Corners / Big Box

  • Offsets & Actual Corners

  • As-Builts

  • Easement & Utility Stakes

  • Heavy Equipment Control

  • Commercial/Residential

  • Subdivisions

  • Mechanical Site Improvements

  • Structural

  • Pilings and Casings

  • Anchor Bolts Diagrams

  • Tree Clearing & Preservation

  • Hourly or Lump Sum Quotes

Please contact a SEA Group Construction Project Manger for a quotation.

Project references and certificates of Insurance available upon request.